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Obituary: Mel Paris - friend, mentor and activist

Melvin "Mel" Paris passed away earlier this week. Mel and I served on the county board together and he was a person for whom I had great respect for and trusted completely. Mel was bright, caring and generous with his time and energy.

A strong activist for organized labor and the Democratic Party, Mel was committed to people: family, friends and his neighbors. He brought a thoughtful, mentoring attitude to his political and UAW union activities, focusing on the needs of the many rather than a select few. He knew we could be stronger as a community when we worked together as team.

To his wife Char and family, my thoughts are with you.

Paul Gorski, Editor

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Morrissey contributor owns property near new downtown sports complex

A major contributor to the campaign of Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey (I) owns a number of properties in the area near a new amateur sports complex set to open in fall 2014 in the former Ingersoll building, 301-401 S. Madison St., Rockford.

The address for Madison Street Properties, LLC, is listed as the same address as Morrissey campaign contributor SupplyCore, Inc. — 303 N. Main St., Suite 800. SupplyCore, Inc., President and CEO...

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Widespread weather-related closings

Schools are not the only facilites closed today, a number of meetings have been cancelled and stores and businesses are closed or are closing early.

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