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River Levels and Flood Alerts at

You'll find current Rock River and Kishwaukee River level observations, alerts and local weather news at .

40 Family Garage Sale Right Now at Boone County Fairgrounds

Saturday, April 20 - There's a big garage sale with items from over 40 families at the Boone County Fairgrounds, the Grange building. Garage sale started at 6 AM and runs until 5 PM.

Go out for a Friday Night Fish Fry!

Check out Friday Night Fish Fry Specials at . That's!

Obama says Boston bombings an act of terrorism

By JULIE PACE AP White House Correspondent WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama pronounced the deadly Boston Marathon explosions an act of terrorism on Tuesday as individuals close to the investigation said the two bombs were made of pressure cookers packed with ball bearings and metal shards that cut into the victims.... Read the full story at

Happy Birthday Pat!

This won't mean much to many of you following, or my news posts on Facebook and Twitter, but since family and friends are more important, I give a much public "Happy Birthday Pat!" to my oldest friend Pat Seeberg. Pat and I met in 1st grade and eventually became great friends, serving as best man at each other's wedding. While we went to Catholic grade school together, we didn't attend the same high school, nor the same college, nor live in the same state after college. But there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about Pat or his great family. Unfortu nately I don't share that fact with him much, you know, a guy thing. If any of m y readers want to thank (o r blame) anyone for my on-line publishing or local political endeavors, Pat played a large role in encouraging me to come out of my shell and express mys elf . As a youth he was quite outspoken, q uite the independent spirit , a nd I than k him for inspiring

Rockford Labor News ceasing publication - WREX

ROCKFORD (WREX) - After 101 years of publication, the Rockford Labor News has released its last edition...   See the WREX story at:

Rock River Times looks great on iPad and other tablets

As it is the primary mission of this on-line site to promote the print, web, radio and televised news sources available to local residents, I'd like to remind readers that the Rock River Times looks great on iPads and other tablets. It is easy to read and navigate, and the on-line edition features breaking news throughout the day. I encourage you to visit the Rock River Times on-line at: . Paul Gorski, Editor,

Support Public Broadcasting, Contact Your Legislators

A press release from 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting... Today, the President released his annual budget, which specifically included federal funding for public broadcasting. As you know, the President’s budget outlines the programs the Administration believes are of value to Americans and should receive federal support. This is our first victory  in our aim to secure federal funds for public media and the programs you love and trust. While we celebrate this critical success, we need your help to prepare for potential challenges in Congress. You can help secure public media’s future and  safeguard continued federal funding for your local public broadcasting station. Please contact your legislators today.   We also encourage you to invite your friends and family, who value their local public media, to join the campaign to act for the programs they love by clicking here. Finally, if you haven’t already, join us on  Facebook  and  Twitter , and sh

Guest Column: ‘Rockford Labor News’ ceases publication

By John Russell Ghrist I have always thought newspapers are the true chroniclers of time. Each edition of The Rock River Times and others are stored downtown for reference. Some are even microfilmed so future researchers can learn from the past. A guard circles the local history room at regular intervals, protecting this city’s great collection of its heritage...   Read the entire story at the Rock River Times: I will miss the Rockford Labor News, Paul Gorski

Less than 23% turnout in the city, pitiful

Less than 23% of the registered voters in Rockford turned out to vote Tuesday, and not all eligible voters are registered. So less than 20% of eligible voters voted. Of that less than 10% voted for the winning candidate. So a vocal minority elected the mayor of Rockford, so who is the mayor going to ans wer to and be beholding to? The money behind the campaign. We need to step u p in the next election if we want real change.

Romero Bennett and Lynn Kearney for Rock Valley College Trustee

Haven't voted? Please vote for Lynn Kearney and Romero Bennett for Rock Valley College Trustee!   Campaign links below: ###

Loves Park Voters Please Support Clint Little and David Soll

Clint Little is talented and experienced, please re-elect him. David Soll has fresh new views and is ready to serve! Thank you, Paul Gorski

Lynn Kearney and Romero Bennett For Rock Valley College Trustee

Haven't voted? Please vote for Lynn Kearney and Romero Bennett for Rock Valley College Trustee!   Campaign links below: ###

Rock River Times Online Endorsements, Hudson, Little, more

See the Rock River Times endorsements at: An excerpt from the Rock River Times regarding races in Cherry Valley...   VILLAGE OF CHERRY VALLEY FOR VILLAGE PRESIDENT (Vote for one) Vote for JoAnn G. Hudson, Independent, over James E. Claeyssen, Independent. Hudson is challenging the incumbent Claeyssen, and she is to stranger no a challenge. Along with Theresa Fernbaugh, Colette Rudis, and Bonnie Whitmer, Hudson fought the special service area (SSA), a $1.6 million bond-financed project for improvements to the 43-acre Cherry Valley Regional Storm Water Detention Facility. As she pointed out, a few in Cherry Valley were paying for a much larger runoff problem from the entire Madigan Creek area that suffers from subdivision and new big box store runoff. A supporter of development, Claeyssen has his experience of his last term to stand on; and Hudson wants to run at bringing the old and new C

Sign Stealing in Cherry Valley Township

I put out two campaign signs, one vanishes in hours. Campaign signs are a necessary evil for running a political campaign. Some folks don't think stealing campaign signs is a serious crime. But depending on how many signs you get printed, the cost per sign could easily be over $3 per sign. Steal a hundred signs, and you're out $300. If someone came up to you and stole $300, I'd bet you'd be a little angry. I lose a few hundred dollars in signs every campaign, I'm used to it. However, I just got a call from an independent candidate, Kevin Fagan, he's running for Cherry Valley Township Road Commissioner. First they tried to kick Kevin off the ballot, now they're stealing his signs. He claims a third of his signs are gone now. I lost nearly all of my signs in my first township race. I'm friends with Kevin's opponent, and I find it hard that his opponent has authorized this , but all it takes i s a few "well meaning" c ampaign work ers to s

Guest Column: Still not happy with local daily’s portrayal of west side

Guest Column: Still not happy with local daily’s portrayal of west side Rock River Times Dear Mr. Trust: You may remember me. I wrote you and three of your other newsroom employees last week concerning Brian Leaf’s article about the west side. I got no response from anyone at your paper. I find that very telling. Not even an apology for not making our meeting that your editor said he would be at. And, of course, no attempt to counteract the deplorable article with a positive story about the west side... Read the full Rock River Times guest column at:

This Year's Home and Garden Show Draws Big Crowds

Editor's note: I believe the Home and Gard en show continues today Sunday until 5 PM.   LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- Stateliners get a chance to prepare for their upcoming home projects at this weekend’s Home and Garden Show. For some people the show means spring is finally here. "Get rid of the snow and get working in the yard," says garden enthusiast Sue Schumacher. She's excited spring is here because that means it's time to fix up her garden... Read and see the WIFR story at:

Grassroots Democracy - Going door to door is an exercise in democracy

Going door to door is an exercise in democracy   by David Soll For the last month I have been doing everything expected of me in my “write in” campaign for Alderman of Ward 2 of Loves Park. Knocking on door, placing lawn signs, talking to people every chance I get, and appearing at the one and only candidates forum available. I have met so many good and wonderful people, each with their own story to tell. I had four people on Anna St tell me they had been living in their homes from between twenty one and thirty seven years and I was the very first wannabe alderman to knock on their door. Every person I spoke to on Anna St, one of the very first things out of their mouths once I introduced myself as a candidate for city council was “What will you do about my street?”... R ead the full story at David's blog at:

Vote for Terri Knight and Sheryl Crowley in Harlem Township

Harlem Township is one of the best run units of government in the state and I encourage to vote for Terri Knight, Township Supervisor and Sheryl Crowley, Township Clerk, they are doing great jobs now. Paul Gorski, Editor,

Rockford Iceman continue on to semi-finals Saturday

WREX-TV - Hartford, Conn. - The Rockford Icemen started the third game slowly this evening against the California Riptide in the 3rd game of the round robin play at the Tier II 18-under 2A Division at USA Hockey Nationals in Hartford, Conn., but the Icemen rallied for a 3-2 win... Read the WREX story at:

Meet Jim Hughes and Tom McNamara Saturday morning 10 AM

April 6 forum at YMCA Log Lodge features mayoral, Third Ward alderman candidates   Rock River Times Staff Report   The Brown’s Hills Knightsville Neighborhood Association will hold a candidate Town Hall meeting from 10 to 11:30 a.m., Saturday, April 6, at the YMCA Log Lodge, 200 Y Blvd., Rockford... Read the story at:

AFL-CIO: No Greater Priority For Labor Movement This Year Than Immigration Reform

AFL-CIO: No Greater Priority For Labor Movement This Year Than Immigration Reform  4/4/2013  By Doug Cunningham AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka. Trumka joined prominent faith leaders on a press conference call Tuesday urging the U.S. Senate to protect and promote family-focused immigration reform... Read the complete story at WIN Headlines:

NIU Names Acting Athletic Director

DEKALB (WREX) - Christian Spears will serve as acting director of Northern Illinois University Athletics beginning April 15, NIU President John G. Peters announced Thursday. Vis it WREX at:

Write-in David Soll

Letter to the Editor...Write In David Soll from the Rock River Times   On April 9, we will be asked once again to take a few minutes out of our lives and make our voices heard on who willrepresent us locally. Of the many votes I plan to cast, the most important will be when I write in David Soll on my ballot for Loves Park Alderman position in Ward 2...

Editorial: Vote For Someone Tuesday

Note: I believe in the basis of the editorial referenced below, to choose not to vote is worse than voting for a less than perfect candidate. My advice to all of Rockford mayoral candidates is "you have lousy advisors, get new advisors, listen to those advisors and listen to the public." Paul Gorski    Editorial: Vote for someone Tuesday, April 9 By Brandon Reid Assistant Editor, Rock River Times Much has been made in this election about how voters are unhappy with the three Rockford mayoral candidates appearing on the Tuesday, April 9, ballot. Some have suggested the best bet is to vote “none of the above.” Unfortunately for those who choose to vote “none of the above,” one of the three candidates will serve as our mayor for the next four years, whether they like him or not. And if voters choose not to vote for one of the three candidates, they are simply giving up and contributing to the overwhelming sense of apathy that has helped keep Rockford down for decades... h

April 9 Election Endorsements from the Rock River Times

Note: I don't agree with all of the endorsements in the linked article below, but at least the author tries to explain and justify his opinions... April 9 Election Endorsements By Frank Schier Editor & Publisher, Rock River Times As the cliche goes, the local “Silly Season” is upon us; and as election day nears, I find more of “Sad Season” than silly. While I have my preferences, the choices this year were harder than in any election before. I am more than ever disgustingly aware, as our Assistant Editor Brandon Reid’s excellent articles on campaign contributions have shown, the usual suspects are still buying our elections ... 

Lisa Jackson for School Board Member

Please vote for Lisa Jackson for School Board Member, Subdistrict A. Lisa Jackson has proven herself to be a tough advocate for voices that too often are ignored. She has a strong commitment to dialogue with REA members and leaders, and she has been demonstrating strong support. She and Laura Powers have developed a good working relationship that makes each of them stronger, to the benefit of kids, parents, and school staffs.

Laura Powers for School Board

Please vote for Laura Powers for School Board Member, Subdistrict G. Laura Powers has been a steadfast advocate for students, parents, and teachers since winning her school board seat two years ago with REA backing. Time and again, she has proven that she is willing to step up against special interests and work for what is best for quality schools. Laura is willing to ask the tough questions and is always willing to communicate with REA members and leaders.

Goodbye Aunt Helen - Helen L. Thomason

My aunt by marriage, Helen Thomason passed away this Wednesday. Ever optimistic, caring and thoughtful, Helen embodied the positive spirit that many local residents still have despite our local social and economic struggles. Family came first to Helen, and when I started dating her niece Denise , now my wife, Helen was warm and welcoming and frequently asked about my own family. So easy to talk to, so willing to listen, I soon felt Helen had been my aunt my entire life. Goodbye Aunt Helen. Paul Gorski, Editor , Winne   Helen L. Thomason, 91, of Rockford, died on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, in OSF St. Anthony Medical Center. Born June 3, 1921, in Modesto, Ill., the daughter of Joseph and Nellie (Jones) Seymour. Helen was a 1938 graduate of Rockford High School. She married Runard A. Thomason Oct. 18, 1941, in Kirkwood, Mo., he predeceased her Dec. 1, 1992. Helen was a book keeper and secretary at Clayton Andrews and Bud Green real estate offices, Illinois Bell Tele

Jack Armstrong for Rockford Park District Commissioner

Jack L. Armstrong has served the Rockford Park District with energy, dedication and a thoughtful eye on the needs of the district and he deserves your vote on April 9th. Paul Gorski Editor, ###

Re-elect Goral, Holt, Tuite, St. Angel and Manzullo in Rockford Township

In Rockford Township, Mickey Goral, Jeff Holt, Greg Tuite, Jasper St. Angel and Frank Manzullo have served Rockford Township well and deserve your vote this April 9th. Paul Gorski , Editor , ###

FOLK DUO COMFORT FOOD - April 12, 2013

FROM PRESS RELEASE - FOLK DUO COMFORT FOOD - April 12, 2013 Rockford, IL – The Folk Duo Comfort Food returns to JustGoods for an evening of melody and song. Three weeks after they met, Rich and Vicki Ingle performed together for the first time in Sandwich, Illinois at the Village Square open mic. That night Comfort Food was born. They spent the following years practicing, writing songs and performing together. Their self-titled CD Comfort Food was released in 2010. They are currently working on a new CD. Vicki has been active in the music scene in Illinois since the early 1980’s. Vicki sings, writes, and plays guitar, fiddle or bass on music that spans a variety of musical styles, including bluegrass, folk, country, blues, and of course original compositions. Rich is a singer/songwriter deeply rooted in the local Chicago folk scene. With a no-nonsense Chicago-style attitude and an infectious enthusiasm for what he does, Rich serves up a hearty portion of down-to-earth music and sto

Paul Gorski for Cherry Valley Township Trustee

Hello, I'd like to remind my readers and Facebook and Twitter followers that I am running for Cherry Valley Township Trustee this April 9, 2013. I'm asking for your vote if you live in Cherry Val ley Township, which includes parts of Rockford and most of the village of Cherry Valley. As many of you know I fought a number of battles on your behalf including: unfair taxes, air pollution from the landfills, and flooding problems caused by poor land use planning. I also challenge what I believe to be abusive policies promoted by local politicians and units of government. I'm also a proponent of open, transparent government operations. Please visit my campaign si te for more information : . Tha n ks for reading! Paul Gorski Editor, WinnebagoCounty  

Hughes For Mayor Office at 2419 West State

Rockford, IL – On Tuesday April 2, 2013 the Jim Hughes for Mayor Campaign organization will be opening the satellite office on the West Side of Rockford. At 10:00 AM the doors will be opened at 2419 West State Street. From the Hughes for Mayor campaign: "All are invited and encouraged to attend! The Hughes Administration is sensitive to the needs of the entire City, and we hope that citizens will utilize “Little City Hall 2” to express their concerns and offer recommendations on how to improve all areas of Rockford.  We look forward to seeing you there!" ###