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An excerpt from the Rock River Times regarding races in Cherry Valley...
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Vote for JoAnn G. Hudson, Independent, over James E. Claeyssen, Independent. Hudson is challenging the incumbent Claeyssen, and she is to stranger no a challenge. Along with Theresa Fernbaugh, Colette Rudis, and Bonnie Whitmer, Hudson fought the special service area (SSA), a $1.6 million bond-financed project for improvements to the 43-acre Cherry Valley Regional Storm Water Detention Facility. As she pointed out, a few in Cherry Valley were paying for a much larger runoff problem from the entire Madigan Creek area that suffers from subdivision and new big box store runoff. A supporter of development, Claeyssen has his experience of his last term to stand on; and Hudson wants to run at bringing the old and new Cherry Valley together, with open government. It is hoped, she will really practice infill and building up, rather than out-fill sprawl and more flooding. I think she can implement more conservation design and smart zoning; vote for Hudson.

Again, see the Rock River Times endorsements at: V