Happy Birthday Pat!

This won't mean much to many of you following Winnebagocountynews.org, or my news posts on Facebook and Twitter, but since family and friends are more important, I give a much public "Happy Birthday Pat!" to my oldest friend Pat Seeberg.

Pat and I met in 1st grade and eventually became great friends, serving as best man at each other's wedding.

While we went to Catholic grade school together, we didn't attend the same high school, nor the same college, nor live in the same state after college. But there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about Pat or his great family. Unfortunately I don't share that fact with him much, you know, a guy thing.

If any of my readers want to thank (or blame) anyone for my on-line publishing or local political endeavors, Pat played a large role in encouraging me to come out of my shell and express myself. As a youth he was quite outspoken, quite the independent spirit, and I thank him for inspiring me, in part, to work with and in the public arena.

Happy Birthday Pat.

Paul Gorski