Sign Stealing in Cherry Valley Township

I put out two campaign signs, one vanishes in hours. Campaign signs are a necessary evil for running a political campaign. Some folks don't think stealing campaign signs is a serious crime. But depending on how many signs you get printed, the cost per sign could easily be over $3 per sign. Steal a hundred signs, and you're out $300. If someone came up to you and stole $300, I'd bet you'd be a little angry.

I lose a few hundred dollars in signs every campaign, I'm used to it. However, I just got a call from an independent candidate, Kevin Fagan, he's running for Cherry Valley Township Road Commissioner. First they tried to kick Kevin off the ballot, now they're stealing his signs. He claims a third of his signs are gone now. I lost nearly all of my signs in my first township race.

I'm friends with Kevin's opponent, and I find it hard that his opponent has authorized this, but all it takes is a few "well meaning" campaign workers to start breaking the law. Every candidate should tell campaign workers that theft is not a solution and not acceptable.

If you see someone picking up a "Fagan" sign, give me a call at 815-874-2916 or email me at

Paul Gorski,