Editorial: Vote For Someone Tuesday

Note: I believe in the basis of the editorial referenced below, to choose not to vote is worse than voting for a less than perfect candidate. My advice to all of Rockford mayoral candidates is "you have lousy advisors, get new advisors, listen to those advisors and listen to the public."

Paul Gorski 

Editorial: Vote for someone Tuesday, April 9
By Brandon Reid
Assistant Editor, Rock River Times

Much has been made in this election about how voters are unhappy with the three Rockford mayoral candidates appearing on the Tuesday, April 9, ballot. Some have suggested the best bet is to vote “none of the above.”

Unfortunately for those who choose to vote “none of the above,” one of the three candidates will serve as our mayor for the next four years, whether they like him or not. And if voters choose not to vote for one of the three candidates, they are simply giving up and contributing to the overwhelming sense of apathy that has helped keep Rockford down for decades...