Support Public Broadcasting, Contact Your Legislators

A press release from 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting...

Today, the President released his annual budget, which specifically included federal funding for public broadcasting. As you know, the President’s budget outlines the programs the Administration believes are of value to Americans and should receive federal support.

This is our first victory in our aim to secure federal funds for public media and the programs you love and trust.

While we celebrate this critical success, we need your help to prepare for potential challenges in Congress.

You can help secure public media’s future and safeguard continued federal funding for your local public broadcasting station.

We also encourage you to invite your friends and family, who value their local public media, to join the campaign to act for the programs they love by clicking here. Finally, if you haven’t already, join us on Facebook and Twitter, and share our call to action with your social networks.

Thank you for being a public media activist. Together, we can make certain future generations will have access to the free educational television and radio programs enjoyed by more than half of all Americans.

Thanks for all that you do,

Stacey Karp and Colleen Vivori
170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting