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The Winnebago County News is a labor of love and constantly changing.

My goal is to promote our local weekly print newspapers, and radio and television media in Winnebago County.  Why? I grew up delivering a wide-variety of daily and weekly newspapers.  I had newsprint on my hands every day going to grade school. In college I wrote for the college newspaper, and I helped revive our old college radio station. Later, I became a professional copywriter, and eventually came to support the technology used in the print and web publishing industries.

I eventually plan to post abstracts, one or two-line extracts, of local weekly newspaper articles to promote the weekly newspapers that do not have a web presence. I will need volunteer help with that. If you are interested in creating these abstracts, contact me editor@winnebagocountynews.org.

This site is designed to point you to local weekly newspapers and other news and event listing sources. If you find a news source like The Rock River Times through this site, read that paper regularly and never come back here, I've done my job. That's part of the educational mission of this site.

Another part of the educational mission of this site is introducing you to truly small-town radio. I've included a link to WTPB-LP 99.3 FM, The Voice of The Third Presbyterian Church of Rockford. It is a small, low-power radio station reminiscent of the one I was involved with in college. WTPB-LP offers some news, but mostly plays inspirational programming and easy listening music. Low power stations do not have powerful transmitters, so the range is restricted to Rockford, although some days I do hear it just outside Rockford.

Please visit our sister site: http://www.rockfordsportsnews.com too.  Rockford Sports News is dedicated to providing links to local game scores, sporting events, and sports teams and clubs.

I encourage you to send me your comments and suggestions.

Thank you,
Paul Gorski


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The Winnebago County News (WCN) is a nonprofit, noncommercial educational news reporting venture. We do not accept advertising. Any artwork promoting a local business is provided as a public service. The links to news content outside this site are presented under the Fair Use doctrine of US Copyright law, as the links are presented for news reporting and nonprofit educational purposes.