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The Rock River Times is Rockford's leading newspaper – leader in "green" and environmental reporting, leader in voicing public opinion, and a leader in promoting local Rockford arts and entertainment.

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ABOUT US: The Rock River Times has a circulation of 22,000 free newspapers in the Rockford, Ill., metropolitan area by Third Class mail and through more than 2,035 commercial outlets. The weekly newspaper, distributed every Wednesday, has been in publication since 1987 and strives to be “The Voice of the Community,” representing all viewpoints. Objectivity and presenting views from the left, center and right have been the hallmark of this publication. While this newspaper proudly lets the community speak in its pages, we do have an agenda editorially. We continue to fight for historical preservation in Rockford, the richness of many cultures, fairness and loyalty in commerce, protection for the environment, the use of alternative energy, true and affordable justice in the courts, equality and honesty in politics, and support for the arts.

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