Local radio favorites Doug McDuff and Ken DeCoster released following NTA programming changes

WIFR.com and The Rock River Times report that local radio greats Doug McDuff and Ken DeCoster were let go from NTA radio following station programming changes. 

Read the Rock River Times article: "Mid-West Family Broadcasting launches new radio formats" at http://rockrivertimes.com/mid-west-family-broadcasting-launches-new-radio-formats/.

Read the WIFR.com article: "Mid-West Family Broadcasting Announces Radio Format Changes" at http://www.wifr.com/news/headlines/Mid-West-Family-Broadcasting-Announces-Raido-Format-Changes-246600211.html.

I am extremely disappointed in the programming changes. 

Rockford has lost a great local news source in NTA. DeCoster worked hard to bring important, local breaking news to our attention when it happened. You can't tell me people didn't appreciate local news as it happens. Also, what will happen to NTA's coverage of local sports?

While I didn't always agree with the guests and callers on NTA talk shows, McDuff and the other hosts provided an important community service by promoting valuable discussions on local issues.

I wish Ken DeCoster and Doug McDuff well and hope they find job opportunities here in Rockford.