Guest Column: Come ye, come all! Winnebago County Board members voted away $1.5 million in revenue | The Rock River Times

While most of us were focused on family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday, Winnebago County Board members voted Nov. 22 to offer a bargain-basement deal for all major trash haulers. Our county is now the preferred provider of land to destroy for landfill use. From Chicago to Madison, to Milwaukee and everywhere in between, as long as you haul 1,001 tons per day, Winnebago County is your place to dump, thanks to a deal reached between Winnebago County and Winnebago Landfill Company, LLC, principal office listed at 1401 N. Second St., Rockford, on the Illinois Department of State's website. William Charles Ltd. is at 1401 N. Second St., Rockford...


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