Guest Column: A lone vote for you on landfill expansion | The Rock River Times

 The Host County Agreement between Winnebago County and Winnebago Landfill Company (a William Charles company) passed at the Nov. 22 meeting by a vote of 24-1. I was the lone "no" vote on this issue. Let me tell you why I did not vote for the agreement.

The county board members received the draft agreement via e-mail Thursday, Nov. 17 (only five days before the vote that will last for decades). The agreement paves the way for a massive expansion of the current landfill and covers the entire period of operation of the landfill expansion. This expansion will likely open in the year 2020, and is estimated to operate from 28 to 32 years after that date. The 16-page agreement contained significant changes from the current agreement. The Nov. 17 e-mail did not contain the current agreement or the current applicable ordinance that is also being amended (I requested these documents and received them in response Nov. 21 ­— only one day before the vote)...