Guest Column: County throws out its own playbook by ignoring land-use plan

Rock River Times Editor’s note: The following is in response to Paul Gorski’s July 3-9 “Meet John Doe” column “County ignores long-range plans, wasting tax dollars, risking growth.”

By Steve Schultz
Winnebago County Board member, District 3

I thank Paul Gorski for his commentary describing the county board’s failure to follow our 2030 Plan (LRMP) (“Meet John Doe: County ignores long-range plans, wasting tax dollars, risking growth” July 3-9, 2013 issue). I’d like to expand on his discussion and address the seriousness of our board’s dismissal of the public’s will and the economic impact of ignoring the LRMP.

I was personally involved in the development of the LRMP as a resident and as a board member, as were many other citizens and leaders in our county. Dozens of meetings and hundreds of hours of public input and debate went into the plan. Residents, business owners, and local government leaders came together and discussed the future of the county...

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