Tech-Friendly: AT&T is the country’s largest employer of full-time union labor

By Paul Gorski

I recently read this article, “IBEW Ratifies Agreement Covering AT&aT Wireline Employees,” at AT&T is an extremely large communications company, which, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, provides landline (wireline) and wireless phone and Internet services, in addition to voice and cloud services, and a wee bit more.

I knew that AT&T employed union labor, but I didn’t realize how many union jobs AT&T had created. According to the article, AT&T has 83,000 wireline employees represented by Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). That number doesn’t include the wireless employees represented by unions.

Marty Richter, spokesman for AT&T, informs me: “AT&T is the country’s largest employer of full-time union labor, and the only major U.S. wireless company with a union-represented workforce. About 55 percent of our more than 245,000 employees are union-represented.” By my calculations, that means nearly 135,000 union jobs...

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