Tech-Friendly: ‘Verizon Wireless named best in Rockford’ — beware the PR machine

By Paul Gorski

I was recently forwarded an e-mail: “Verizon Wireless named best in Rockford, and opens new cell sites,” which contained a link to a local smartphone study. You might even find a copy of the “news” online here at The Rock River Times. Beware the PR (public relations) machine!

The embedded link sent me to a Root Metrics ( smartphone study. The study gives a marginal lead to Verizon Wireless over AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in Rockford. However, the study completely neglects a major Rockford carrier, US Cellular.

A description of the survey methods is posted at: There, I found a major flaw in the test methodology: different phones were used for the different carriers. Samsung Android-based phones were used to test the AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile networks, whereas an HTC Droid DNA was used to test the Verizon network...

Read the entire article on The Rock River Times website: