German Staatskapelle Weimar Orchestra - At The Coronado

The German Staatskapelle Weimar Orchestra are on their debut USA tour. 

NOW ON SALE: This Illustrious World Renown Orchestra will perform in Rockford, Illinois for one night only, and we want to make sure you have your tickets set aside.

THURSDAY, March 8th, at 7:30pm
At the Coronado Theatre, Downtown Rockford, IL

Performing Three Works by Johannes Brahms:
  • Academic Festival Overture
  • Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 77
  • Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 68

Established in 1491, the Staatskapelle Weimar is one of the oldest, most illustrious orchestras in the world. Its history is closely associated with some of the world's best-known musicians including Johan Hummel, Franz Liszt, Richard Strauss and many others. 

This German orchestra has never previously toured in North America and this is an incredible honor to have them play at our Coronado Performing Arts Center.

The chance to see this incredible performance within the walls of our historical landmark and Crown Jewel will be breathtaking. Click BELOW to purchase Tickets or visit

Rockford Coronado Concert Association, P O Box 4444, Rockford, IL 61110