Upcoming Wildflower Walkabout, April 20th

From The Natural Land Institute...

Upcoming Wildflower Walkabout

Bloodroot in bloom at Pecatonica River Forest Preserve at our 2010 Wildflower Walkabout. 
On Wednesday, April 20 we will meet at Pecatonica River Forest Preserve at 6:00 p.m. Dave Kostka of Angelic Organics Learning Center will take us on a tour of the Pecatonica River Forest Preserve which includes creekside and river edge floodplain forest, several old field meadows, gorges and upland forest sites. Within its 55-acre Nature Preserve lies an oxbow lake with a minimally disturbed mesic forest with several species of unique flora. Hiking will be easy to moderate.

Please call 815/964-6666 for information about these walks.