Guest Column: The dismantling of public education in Rockford

By David Stocker (as posted at

I went to the recent District 205 open houses with a lot of questions.
Representatives of the administration, however, weren't able to give
clear answers to questions about consequences or alternatives. I heard
many times: "I'm sorry I can't answer that for you. It's not my realm
of expertise, but I'll ask someone."

But Shannon Bingham of Western Demographics was both frank and
knowledgeable. Bingham's firm specializes in "developing and
consolidation" (dismantling) of school districts. He worked with
Rockford Public School District 205 Superintendent Dr. LaVonne M.
Sheffield in Detroit for five years. Bingham is an expert whose
perspectives are valuable. For I believe Sheffield tells him what
outcome she wants, he studies the situation and writes his report.

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