Rockford School Board Votes in Favor of Independent Review of Finances

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- "You can take the word of our highly qualified
financial team and the group of community experts who reviewed our
budget, or you can choose to believe the teachers union which has an
obvious agenda - that being to save the jobs of its members."

Superintendent Dr. LaVonne Sheffield denounces the teachers union's
statements made earlier this week.

"We have discovered that this administration has made critical
mistakes and miscalculations," REA President Molly Phalen previously
said Tuesday.

The union said the district's budget deficit is really around $15
million instead of $50 million. REA leaders also said administrators
misplaced $41 million dollars. Now district leaders said that money
was recorded wrong on state documents, but the bottom line of 50
million is still correct.

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